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the life and times of Todimus Maximus

Monday, August 27, 2007

1:51PM - VACAY!!!

My Vacation (or at least what I can remember from it)

Friday- I got out of work a bit early, which was nice and then went home and took a nap. Hahaha, fun times. John and Jeff wanted to go to Hooters for some drinks. So I met up with them at John's apartment (Jeff held things up…again). On the way there we met Jared driving home and told him that he had to go as well. So he stopped by for a drink. Sonja was there doing her work thing and reminded me and John about the static X concert that was at higher ground that night. Me and John decided to go. Jeff almost went but backed out. Which was probably a good thing. The tickets were rather expensive and the drinks were even more so. But by the time static X came on the stage I had drank two big daddy's of beer and four vodka and red bull's. John had even more then that because he started drinking before we went to hooters. Let's just say that went Static X came we were both really happy. And of course I went into the mosh pit. Which was the funnest one I've ever been in. and by funnest I mean it was the hardest. It was less like a mosh pit and more like a street brawl. I twisted my ankle and bashed my elbow. Fun times.

Saturday- I had to work at 8:30 at shaws, and considering I was at a concert the night before I was actually really good. I was just tired and needed coffee. The bad news was that when I was at the concert I talked to my boss at the catering company and told him that I could help out on Saturday at a wedding. That meant the I needed to find someone to cover for me at the bank. Well, no one was available, so I left two people working. Oops, this is the issue when you have five jobs. So I left the bank at 2, got to higher ground at 2:30 and catered until midnight. It was really strange, defiantly a hippie wedding. Though they had really expensive beer. A keg of switch back and a keg of rock art. I got home and passed out

Sunday-I worked for john all day. Well by all day I mean that I worked from 9-2ish. After that I went over to johns house and we ordered chicken wings and watched family guy for the rest of the day.

Monday-what the hell did I do Monday? I went to the movies with Jared to go see Superbad, which was a decent movie, that's all I remember. Wait I think that we ordered chicken wings, or maybe that was just me…

Tuesday-had to work at Kay's for the first time for nine and a half hours. That was fun. If completely boring. After I got out of there I went to Hooters and met up with the guys, had a drink, and then went downtown to What Ales for more drinks with the guys (dollar drafts). Jared was talking to some random people and I had things to do in the morning so I took John and Jeff home. But first we stopped at Kountry Kart Deli for something to eat.

Wednesday- got up, took a shower and went to do some errands with john. Got a new license, dropped off a copy of said license at Kay's. Went downtown to look at knives with John. They are really expensive, but I want one. After that we got food for lunch and learned that you can't really cook bacon on the grill and not expect some massive flair ups. Oh well

Thursday- the day we all went to the great escape. Well by we all I really meant me, Jared, John and Sonja. It was a lot of fun. It was a perfect day to go there. Not too hot and not too cold. Plus there wasn't that many people there. I think the average wait for a ride was about 7 minutes, with a couple exceptions. Like the crappy bob sled ride. But other then that it was fun. Oh and lunch cost 13 dollars!! The only good thing about lunch was that Jared dumped his food all over the ground right before he paid for it. That was funny. We left there at 6, right before it rained out. Driving home we called New England Wings as we hit Vergennes and they were ready to pick up right when we passed by. That's how cool I am!

Friday-I didn't do anything this day. Ummm, I don't think that I did. I know that I played Counter Strike, I'm pretty sure that I got wings, I'm not sure what I did that night though. Weird…

Saturday- I worked at Staples from 9-2. that was fun. The bank was supposed to be there to open up new student accounts. We didn't open up one. Not a single one. We sat there for five hours and got paid for it. That was the best part, we got paid for it. Then I went home, ate leftover chicken wings and played counter strike. That night I went to What Ales to meet a friend of Kristin's. Kristin tried to play match maker, but it blew up in everybody's face. I found that kind of funny. But only because I'm soulless. Kristin's friend Tina, who was actually very nice. Came down, and it was me, Jeff, Kristin, Matt and Dave. I'm really bad at first meeting situations, especially at places like What Ale's where it is very loud and you have to yell above the noise to get heard. I tried to talk, but it didn't seem like she was interested. So I figured that she wasn't interested. No problem really. Many people aren't interested in me. Plus she was talking to Dave, so I thought that they hit it off. Dave is kind of a lady's man though, but I thought that Tina knew that. I guess not. I had to work in the morning so I left around 1ish. After I thought that Tina wasn't interested. Went to KKD to get something to eat, and then home. Though apparently I have now found out that Tina thought that I wasn't interested in her. And that she thought that I was nice, if a bit shy. And also that Dave was being an ass. Hence his name, Dave Peeolzinass. So who knows, I thought that I was shot out of the sky, maybe I was just winged.

Sunday- I worked for John, but only the four normal stores. Got home, ate lunch, took a nap and then went over to John's apartment before the concert. We got wings for dinner. We went to the concert with Sonja and one of her friends. The concert was ok, and I did like papa roche, but none of the other bands. They were way to poppy and weird. There were lots of drunk people though. That was interesting. The cops busted up a couple of fights. I went into the mosh pit there as well, it was fun. Not as hard as the Static X show, but more crazy because it was bigger and had more people. Though there were a lot of people on the sides who were really upset about it. I mean, come on, it's a rock concert, there is going to be a mosh pit. Get over it and move if you don't like it. Though I did elbow this chick in the face. She was not happy in the least. She started to yell and scream, except I couldn't hear her over all the noise. I mean I was pushed into her. Defiantly not my fault. If you don't like it, move. But bruised my thumb, scraped my leg and I thought that I was going to have a black eye this morning. Luckily I didn't.

And now back to work….

PS- some of the things that I remember was only because when I looked up what I spent on my debit card.

Monday, June 4, 2007

10:58PM - I’m blaming god (queue the deadly lightening strike!)

So, I can’t do salsa anymore. My knee is so messed up right now I can’t do turns. Which really REALLY sucks. Sure I can go out dancing at clubs, but in all reality it just isn’t my cup of tea, mostly. I like salsa because it’s more formalized. Though oddly enough I do kind of want to go out clubbing. Well let’s rephrase that, I want to get drunk and go clubbing. There we go, one of the few times I’ll go dancing willingly. Unfortunately my knee is all kinds of ick. And I have no idea what has happened to it. it all started a couple of weeks ago. My knee started to hurt, then after a couple of days it got really bad. So bad that I was hobbling around at work. Then my boss had me go to the hospital to get it checked out. Now I think that if my boss sends me to the hospital and I go, it should be workers comp, or at least pay for half of it. I wanted to go to the doctors, or the walk in clinic at the very least. But no, it was the hospital. Which costs a lot. And they were really mean to me. Well at least the people that signed me in were really mean. The nurses (I don’t think that I even saw a doctor) were really cool and nice. However nothing was found. They took some X-rays and poked and prodded and said, well, it looks swollen, but that’s it. here’s some IB profen, go home and have fun! Basically they didn’t know what was really wrong with it, and wanted me to leave. So that was a fun waste of 130 dollars. The really bad part is that I knew the hospital was going to tell me that, and I still went!! Because my boss “suggested” that I go. Now two weeks later, its back and worse then ever. But we shall see how it goes for the next couple of days. If it gets worse, I’ll be headed to the doctors, if it gets better, I won’t be. Let’s hope that it gets better. I want to go back to salsa.

Monday, May 14, 2007

5:15PM - Such is my life?

You know, one of the worst things that I have found about breaking up after a long term relationship is the fact that after the breakup I always seem to dream about the person. And they are always very vivid dreams. Normally I want remember most of my dreams, but after a breakup I tend to remember most of my dreams, and they aren’t really good. It really sucks because all of the emotions and memories come flooding back to me night after night. My sub conscious really hates me I think. I think that because I try to completely repress what as just happened, my mind is trying to find some sort of closure with or without me. After doing one of the hardest things I’ve ever done (and regretting it more then once) the LAST thing that I need is to be reliving it over and over again, or have scenarios play out in my mind that have us back together. Nothing seems to work to get rid of them. Such is life I guess, no one ever said that it was going to be easy. Though then again, no one ever mention this in the handbook…

Current mood: awake

Sunday, April 22, 2007

11:29AM - Salsa

Last night and the night before there was a salsa convention up in Montréal. But unfortunately I didn’t go. Mainly it was due to the fact that my eye was so swollen. But also because A) I haven’t done much dancing in the past few years. And B) I didn’t have anyone to go up with. Well, ok so I did have someone to go with, but Sarah (my girlfriend) doesn’t really know how to salsa dance. And I really don’t think that she has much inclination to learn. Which really sucks. And John is going to make fun of me for this next section.

Quite a while ago I took salsa dance lesions. And it was amazing. Not just the dancing, well, maybe it was just the dancing, but I was always happy, full of energy and well some people would say annoying. But not me. I like to dance, and though I’ve only really done salsa, I kind of want to do modern dance as well. And I know that I don’t have the “dancers body” now, and well, maybe 3 or 4 years ago. But I doubt it. Still, I like to dance. The second issue is that I really don’t have anyone to go with. My girlfriend is always too busy or too poor. And well, I’m not confident enough to go by myself. When I first went to dance classes, I was pretty much bullied into it luckily enough. But now there is no one around to go with. So for now I guess it’s all just wishful thinking.

Friday, February 16, 2007

6:29PM - PHONE!!

So I have a new phone… but I don’t have any number’s in it . :o( Please Text me with your name so I can add you, or just leave me a message somehow with you’re number



Wednesday, September 20, 2006

5:26PM - a bunch of random things

So I'm writing this journal entry because….well, I'm bored at work, and there isn't all that much to do. I can't print anything because the printer is permanently broken and we haven't gotten a new one yet. YAY! Though not really. Let's see, last night I went to hooters with John, Jared, Dana, tiffany, and Jeff. It was baseball trivia night and we lost big time, john and Jeff were all excited because they thought that they knew it all. But the didn't. I entered the chicken wing eating contest because I told Jared that I would last week. I went up against a bunch of German guys and kicked some German ass. And I won 50 free wings, which we are going to use next week. And I'm sure that I'll have to enter the contest again. But it was fun and I got to be annoying like normal.

Hmmm, what else have I been up to. I just updated my MySpace account. I couldn't get to sleep the other night so I decided to fool around with it. I also uploaded a couple of classically funny videos. I changed the background and the text and I'm going to be adding a song sometime soon. But it's completely different then what it used to be. If you're bored, you should check it out.

I'm thinking of either getting bamboo or a bonsai tree for my desk at work. I'm not sure which though, lucky bamboo is really cheap and easy to take care of, but a bonsai tree looks better to customers. Maybe I'll start with some bamboo and see how that works and then more over to the harder bonsai tree.

Saturday, September 2, 2006


The first six people to respond to this with their addresses get a dozen cookies!@!

Monday, August 7, 2006


Firstly I didn’t get drunk Saturday night. Friday… well, I guess that’s more debatable. But I don’t think so. Why not? Because I was about to drive out to mallets bay area to fix my ATM with my boss. And I can’t be drunk when I do that. Saturday night I had a huge case of add, it was more that then actually being drunk. And now for the thank you list

- Thanks to Sarah, my lovely girlfriend, who not only made a crazy book for me, and got me towels, but also called up the catering company that I work for and got me the best cheesecake in the world. And these people don’t sell cheesecake to normal people. AND she got me tickets to go see the Mozart festival as well. We saw Mozart’s 39th 40th and 41st symphonies. And that was a lot of fun

- Thanks to john. Who at some point in time is going to get me a kick ass hard drive.

- Thanks to Amy, Kelsey, jory, Rachael, and nate, for their combined present of a much needed grill

- Thanks to Amy for getting people to go in on a much needed grill

- Thanks to Emily Brannon for putting up with me when she called and I ran outside to climb up john’s balcony. And then I think that I hung up on her

- Thanks to Kevin and ali who brought me a pineapple which me and Jared then cut up with big knives

- Thanks to john and Jared who used their place for the party on Saturday night

- Thanks to Kelsey and jory for their card

- Thanks to Rae for trying to make it to my party even though I’m lame and let at midnight (Sarah had an upset stomach…)

- Thanks to Lynsi for those texts

- Thanks to the Chittenden people that combined gave me three cakes

- Thanks to everyone else that I know I should put in here, but for the life of me I can’t remember them.

Current mood: bored

Thursday, August 3, 2006

11:17PM - I GOT A NEW JOB!!


Current mood: I GOT A NEW JOB!!

Friday, July 28, 2006


Last night I spend 200 dollars on a dinner for two. It was very
expensive, but very worth it the same time. I had a salad composed of interval
mescaline with a vinaigrette dressing. It was actually kind of salty,
but the salt offset the vinaigrette. The main dish was filet minion with
seasonal vegetables and for dessert I had this chocolate cake thingy..
hmm, I can't remember what it was, maybe a soufflé of some sort. I'm
confused. Oh well. With the meal we had a pinot noir wine with the meal.
I did try the recommended alcohol with the desert, but it was too
strong for it in my tastes. Also, because we were celebrating our six month
anniversary the chef brought out these little chicken appetizers for
us. They had a pineapple and chili glaze on them and they were amazing.
Sarah had a cheese and nut appetizer plate with pork tenderloin as her
dinner and for desert it was a kind of cream filled pastry that she
really enjoyed. The meals (with included appetizer, the main dish and the
dessert) were around 50 each the bottle of wine was 45 or so, with tax
it came out to be around 160, with it about 195. but it was defiantly
worth it. The service was great. And they even let me go in early to drop
off things to leave at the table. I brought a Vermont teddy bear and a
gift certificate to indigo for her. I think that she was stunned. First
she got flowers in the morning. Then I gave her a DVD that she wanted,
then we went to the inn at Essex, which she always wanted to go to.
Then when we get there, she got the bear, and she always wanted a Vermont
teddy bear because it's something made in Vermont (she is originally
from New York) then she found the gift certificate for a
manicure/pedicure. She mentioned that she wanted one about a month back so I got her
one. Unfortunately it said the price on it as well. Though she got a
little thing that had all of indigo's services on it. So I couldn't really
hide the fact that it was 80 dollars. So let's see, the dinner was 200,
bear was 100 the gift certificate was 80, the flowers were 45 the DVD
was 10 and there was a miscellaneous amount of 50 for other small
things. So the entire damned thing came out to be about 485. Which was
entirely over budget. The original plan was for the dinner to be around 100,
with a small bear about 30, a bracelet about 60 and the flowers. But
even vastly over budget it was well worth it. After we went back to my
house and I gave her a massage, and she loves the oil that I got for it.
Which is good, because the oil wasn't that cheep and I'd hate to have
to just throw it away. A massage by candle light fallowed by some
intense cuddling. After which she stole my computer so she could check her
E-mail. Which was fine because the big storm that we just got fried her
computers internal modem. And I have yet to get her another one. John
has one, but I need to pick it up and find the drivers for it. But it
should work just fine. So yeah, she hijacked my computer for a while and
then we watched nun sense two for a bit before she had to go home. For
all of you that don't know what nun sense is, it's a Broadway musical
about nuns who need to raise money to bury their dead sisters... well, I
guess that you would have to watch it... but she had to work in
Waterbury today so she had to go home and get some sleep. And she had to wake
up at a ridicule time. So home she went and back to my place I went.
And to john I talked. Holy crap he had some news!! But I can't tell you.
You would know it if you're cool, but only cool people know it. But
anyway!! Back to my six month anniversary. I think that this could have
even dwarfed my other six month anniversary. Though I can't be sure. It
was long ago and I always spend too much money. The thing is, now that I
spent that much money on my six month anniversary, what the hell am I
supposed to do on our one year anniversary? That's the damned question.
The worst part is that it's in January. What a crappy ass month to have
it in. it's all cold and what not, and you can't do anything outside.
We were thinking of going to new york city, but it'll be to cold to walk
everywhere. So, me being the genius that I am, decided to move it June
and hope that no one notices. But it's almost time to leave work, so I
really should be doing other things right about now. So I'll post this
massive thing when I get home...

Current mood: calm

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


So, before I get into the ummm, real topic I just have to say that last
night SUCKED. One many more then just one reason. I went out to Hooters
with Sarah, john, and Jared for trivia night. Well, there wasn't any
trivia because of some damned Hooters thing. That was retarded. Then Dana
and her friend showed up and Jared and Dana started to fight. Mainly
because Jared was drunk. That was great. Then we get back to johns place
to find that my car has been towed. Hurray! Apparently the tenets said
that it was in their spot. I was going for john's spot but there was a
car in that one. Many I should have driven like they wanted me to. So
that was great, 55 dollars later I had my car back. Then I drop Sarah
off, she didn't ask if I wanted to come in. Just kinda bye, see you
later. So I ended up, at home very depressed. What I fucking night.

Speaking of Sarah this Thursday would be our six month anniversary. It
is also very near to the six month anniversary of Kristin Lesage and
her boyfriend Matt. Which is kinda weird. That's happened twice now. But
anyway I'm going to take her out to Butlers. It's the restaurant at the
Inn at Essex. It's supposed to be very good and very expensive. But
hey, it's a chance to dress up. I also got her a 100 dollar Vermont teddy
bear and an 80 dollar French manicure/pedicure at indigo. Along with
some roses (but you all knew that. See, my thoughts are that the meal is
going to last one to two hours, the flowers are going to last about a
week, the manicure is going to last about a month and the teddy bear
will last forever. So I have all my bases covered. However extravagant and
elaborate this might be I don't know how it's going to go over. Sarah
isn't a very emotional person. I times I feel as if we're just friends
that hang out occasionally and that we're not actually dating. We see
each other once or twice a week. She never calls me, don't ask me why,
she just never does. Whenever she get's online she never goes on any
instant messaging program, she never respond to any of my Emails, or she
hasn't yet. Don't get me wrong, she's a great person. She's smart,
caring, intelligent, not to mention she's cute and beautiful at the same
time. She's just very leery about relationships even though we've been
together for six months. She still won't stay over my house during a week
night, or when she has to work. I spend less then ten waking hours with
her a week. I'm no professional in this matter, but I don't think that
spending ten hours a week together while in a relationship is a good

On a brighter note my supervisor is moving up in the banking world and
that leaves her position open. Yes I'm applying for it. Even better my
manager has told me in the strongest words that he can use that there
is no one that he knows of now that should be getting the job ahead of
me. So that's a good thing. I know that the job comes with a raise, but
I have no idea what the raise will entail. It will mostly get me off
the teller line and over to loans and more selling products, which I
kinda like, but kinda don't like. If I know the product that I'm selling I
feel that I can sell it no problem because I'll only sell it to people
that will gain by having it. But we shall see what happens with that.
I'll know by next Friday if I got the job or not.

Monday, May 29, 2006

12:38AM - 6 damned jobs

HEY, I came up with a great idea for a game! What you have to do is prove that you’ve seen me at all 6 of my jobs. That’s right all six of them. If there is anyone out that that has seen them all I’ll give them 5 dollars no joke. I just don’t think that anyone has seen has seen me at all my jobs…

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

3:27PM - It's time for a sone lyric game!!

just post a comment with the next lie of the song....

My cock is much bigger than yours!

Friday, April 14, 2006

6:49PM - his is an account of my trip to Montreal and all the hilarity that ensued,

I spent last weekend in Montreal and had a great time. But before that on Friday night my roommate jeff decided that he wanted to have a party for some reason. He told me that it was going to be small with him and just a couple of friends. I thought that it would be fine, they would be in the living room and I could get some sleep. Nope, there were lots more then just a couple of friends, and they decided for some reason to congregate in the kitchen area and not the living room. And they wanted to play really bad music really loudly. And my bedroom is right off of the kitchen. So I was kept awake until after two in the morning. That was fun. Then I woke up at eight to get ready to go to Montreal. I went and got gas (though my gas tank has a leek in it and I can’t fill it more then half way) and cleaned out my car (there were still brake pads and shattered glass). Then I went to pick Sarah. She was all excited to go up there. Fortunately, so was I. The drive up there was mostly uneventful, though I did pass a cop between Saint Albans and Swanton. Luckily I was with Sarah so I was only doing five miles over the speed limit. We got to the border some time around ten and we only got asked three questions. Going up with a female at ten in the morning doesn’t raise all too many suspicions I guess. I saw another Canadian cop sitting on the highway to Montreal. That’s the most cops that I’ve seen on the way too Montreal. But again, Sarah was with me so I wasn’t going all that fast. We got into Montreal and parked on Saint Catherine street because I wanted to do some shopping that afternoon. But it was around 11:30 and she was hungry so we decided to go eat some lunch first. It was kinda winding and cold out so we went into a mall to see if we could find anything. Didn’t find anything there so we left. Weirdly enough as we were heading to the exit, Asians kinda appeared all around us, and I was like, I think I know where we are. We popped out in china town and started to look for someplace to eat. Well, we found this place that I had never been to, and we went up. It was interesting to say the least. It was authentic Chinese food. And there were no menus. The waitresses pushed around carts that were filled with food and you took what ever you wanted from them. This included shrimp cakes, tuna cakes, some type of barbecued pork and other things. The tasted ok, not too great, but the textures were so different that it was bad. But we tried many different kinds of food there, if only just for the experience. I did see other tables that had fried rice and soda, unfortunately we had no idea how to order them. That sucked, but oh well, it was quite the experience, and the people there were very friendly. After that we went shopping. And we found this place on Saint Catherine street and sold used video games. And not just any video games, they have hundreds of Super Nintendo, regular Nintendo, Sega genesis, and even Atari and Intellivision. They had a regular Nintendo set up with super Mario brothers on it so you could play! So Sarah and me played that for a while. And I looked at the Sega games. I did find one that I wanted, but it was 130 dollars. So I decided that I would find a ROM of it and get another emulator. But that was a really cool find. I’ll have to go back there next time when I’m up there. After that we hit an electronics store and got a couple of DVD’s. I got snatch, and she got robin hood, prince of thieves. We found a small chapel on St Catherine St. and decided to go in and see what it looked like from the inside. Apparently there was going to be a free concert that day as well. And the people were there rehearsing for it. So we went in and these two little people (children) came up to us and started to speak in French. They obviously didn’t speak any English at all so I marshaled all my French speaking skills and said to them “je ne parle pas frencais, je parle englias”. They just shook their heads and started to speak some more before wondering off. Hahaha, oh well. We then wandered up St Catherine street some more before finding a mall to wander into. I’ve never been in it and wow, there were a lot of stores. There was this one store with cut glass and you could buy a cut glass pineapple for 500 dollars. Which sucks cause you can’t even eat it. We wondered around there for a couple hours before decided to find our hotel and check in. I knew the general area of where out hotel was, but not specifically so we went and checked out one of those maps you find everyone in Montreal. Well, I couldn’t find the hotel anywhere on the damned thing so I decided just to drive on René leveque until I found rue de fort. I drive a mile and a half and didn’t find it, what I did find was another one of those map things. So I get out of my car and was like, the only possible way I can’t find it is because I was reading the map wrong. And the fraking thing was upside down!!! Who the hell puts north on a bottom of a map?!?! Damned Canadians! Well, we were only one street away from rue du fort at that point. The one god thing was that we stopped across from a really nice park and we said that we would go visit it next time we were up in Montreal. So we find rue de fort and it’s a one way street going the wrong way, so we go to the next street down. But that only take us half way up rue de fort and it doesn’t get us to our hotel, so we then try three streets down and after some weird back streets we finally make it to the hotel. Fortunately I was driving because Sarah was completely lost by the time I found the hotel. Back road in Montreal are weird, you’re liable to end up in the parking lot of a super c or something. But we get into our hotel, get checked in and go to park. I figured that we would park at the hotel and not even bother driving in Montreal at night. It’s just not worth it. So we go to the parking thingy and you had to swipe a card to get in. Well, me in all my brilliance didn’t pull up enough to reach it. So I got out my the car, swipe the card, the door went up, got back into the car, put it in drive, and the door went back down! DAMNIT!! Sarah was sitting next to me laughing hysterically and I just looked blankly at the door. Damned thing. So I drove my car closer to it and swiped the car while reaching out the window, and then drove really quickly through the door. Damned thing didn’t make a fool out of me twice. So we park, and head up to our room. It was a nice room, nothing too special, but nice, we decided to go out to eat at this Italian restaurant that was right down the street. We were dressed up to go see Jesus Christ super star and Sarah was in heels so we didn’t want it to be too far away. So we went there, and I guess that I should have talked to the concierge about it more, because it was a horrible place to go eat. It cost over sixty dollars for the both of us, the wine was over priced at ten dollars a glass, it was more of casual dinning and the waiter wasn’t friendly at all. So next time, no eat there. Then we took the metro to the theater. Well, kinda to the metro. Again, I had a general idea as to where the theater was but not really where it was, well, if we found the street then we could find the theater, but first we had to find the street. Hahaha, so we walked around and looked at all the nice old houses. It was more of a residential section then businesses. But we walked around and found another park that we want to go back to. The only thing wrong with all the walking was that it was too cold to be walking. So we walked three blocks in the wrong direction before finding the right street. As we waited to be seated for the show, Sarah asked me if the show was in French or English. Derrr, of course it was in English, the show was written in English, and Montreal is an English city of sorts. But then we got the playbills. They were entirely in French, even the songs on them were French. Hmmmm, but still, it couldn’t be in French. The curtain goes up, Judas comes out, and he starts to sing…. In French!! The entire production was in French. Well, except for the words “what’s the buzz” which was kinda weird because anything that was after that was sung in French as well. Intermission came and Sarah couldn’t figure out how to order orange juice in English. It was weird, but it amused the bartender and me. During the second half in the song superstar when Judas comes back from the dead to sing to Jesus when he was carrying the cross he got down from the stage and started to dance with Sarah. Which completely embarrassed her. This was after Judas was making eyes at her during the scene where he kills himself. I told her that I would be mad if I was the jealous type, but it was just funny. Then we went to the casino. YAY!! Sense we were on the other side of mont royal we didn’t want to take a taxi from there as it would cost about 50 just to get to the casino. And sense I wanted to drink, and she wanted to drink I didn’t want to drive there. So we took the metro out to berri-uquam which is much closer and took a taxi from there. It cost a little over 20, but it was worth it. Taxis and buses get to cut around all the traffic going into the casino and so we passed at least 50 cars that were waiting in line. The casino was a lot of fun. I kept winning, then losing and then winning some more. I started with 20 dollars that I turned to quarters and ended up with over 50. Though every time I won over ten dollars we had to go and get a drink. I think that we did that three times. I had a vodka and redbull, except that it wasn’t red bull, it was something else. But it was good, the bad part was that it cost me ten dollars for one drink. That was outrageous. So I stuck to beer the rest of the night. 6.50 per pint isn’t that bad considering that the beer up there has double the alcohol content. I wanted to get john a pint glass from there because they were really cool, but they also cost 45 dollars, so that wasn’t going to happen. Oh well, we left the casino around 2:30, took a taxi back to the hotel. That was that day, we finally passed out around four, well at least that was the last time I looked at the clock. The sun woke me up at 8 in the morning and I kept telling myself that I was going to go and close the shade. That never happened, I don’t know why, but I didn’t. so we longed in bed until tenish and then turned on the TV and watched a show about winning at roulette. It would have been helpful to have seen the show before we went to the casino. Hotel check out was at noon so we took our time to leave, though Sarah kept saying that she was hungry. We ended up eating breakfast at noon in old Montreal at this quaint little restaurant. After that I took her to go see the basilica, which we were near anyway. It’s beyond words, just completely amazing. I have pictures if anyone wants to see the inside of it. It’s big, and impressive and they don’t tell you not to talk loudly, you just seem to do it on your own. I lit a four day candle for my grandfather and bought a palm for my grandmother (it was palm Sunday that day) I gave it to her that night and she was really happy. We stayed there for about two hours looking at everything. The chapel of the church is bigger then some churches I’ve seen. It’s just so impressive I’m glad that I saw it, I’ll defiantly see it again and I’m sad that I haven’t seen it before. After the church we wondered around old Montreal just looking at the buildings which are all impressive. I noticed that there are many banks in old Montreal that are really REALLY impressive. The front doors are three stories high, carved granite faces with marble lobbies and chandeliers and steps going up to the teller stations. Now those are banks to work for. After old Montreal I dragged Sarah into china town to shop. I wanted to get something for john because I got something for Kelsey. I couldn’t find anything for john there besides an abbucis, and I didn’t know that he knew how to use one. I did find a bunch of things that would be great presents for Joey, but that’s about it. But I love to wander around in china town. All their shops are so packed with weird things that are cheap and cluttered. It’s like going into a wal mart, but the entire store has been jammed into a ten by ten space. The only thing I got in china town is some dried pineapple that was really good and Sarah got some tea that blooms like flowers. Though she wouldn’t let me get her a glass tea set to go with it. After china town we headed back to saint Catherine street because I wanted to take her to this small pizza shop that I know of. Hahaha, john knows of it too and he might not it was such a good idea to bring her to it. It’s right on saint Catherine and across the street from a sex shop. Though everything on St Catherine is either next to or across the street from a sex shop, or a strip joint, but still, very good pizza for only 99 cents. Can’t go wrong. John and me found it one night while walking to a hotel at 2 in the morning. So we grabbed a couple slices there, Sarah was still tired from only getting four hours of sleep the night before so we headed out and for home after that. I got john and Jared some beer from the Duty free store before crossing the border. The border itself was very very easy, though they did recheck the ID’s when I told them that I was bring beer across. We got home about 5 PM and watched robin hood at Sarah’s house. Then I went to my grandmother’s house to give her the palm and to john’s house to give him the beer. I got home after ten and needed to bake my cookies. There was no hot water for me to do the dishes with, so there was no cookie baking, it turns out that there was no hot water at my apartment all weekend, but my room mates were too dumb and retarded to turn it back on. It was after 11 before I got it back on and it takes over an hour for the water to heat up. Nope, no cookies that night. New York pizza oven didn’t really care and the next day I baked them two batches instead of one.

Well, that’s my story, and props to you who read the entire thing.

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Monday, April 3, 2006

11:19PM - Cookies

So here’s the thing. I need help with my cookies. I need to design a label to put with them that tells people who made them. But sense I’m not very artistic I can’t come up with a little logo thing. Anyone want to help? Please????

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


So here it is, not even eight o clock in the morning and I’m wide awake. Which can’t be all that good. Though yesterday all I did was sleep. Or pass out, depending on how you look at it. The really odd part is that I actually woke up at 3:30 and couldn’t sleep in more then ten minute intervals. One things was that my room mate once again decided that the heat needed to be at some astronomical level. And I can’t sleep when it’s that hot out. So here I am writing this and watching MI2. Sarah was kind enough to bring a couple of movies and a couple of books along with some OJ, ginger ale and ice cream. My throat still feels as if someone is kicking it when I swallow anything. Which is kind of odd because I’ve been taking their damned medicine for two days now. The fraking pills are huge, which, when you have a sore throat is never a good thing. So once again I get to sit here, in my room for an entire day and not do a bloody thing. It’s boring and lonely when you’re at home sick with no one there. So if anyone wants to alleviate my boring loneliness, feel free to call or Im.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So I guess that I haven’t wrote on this very much. This being my live journal. In fact, I don’t know when I last wrote on this, or what I wrote about. Hmmm, I guess that the biggest thing is that I’m now selling my chocolate chip cookies at New York Pizza oven. So if you’re in the area stop in and have a slice with a cookie. Hmmm, what else is going on in my life. I just found out that Jesus Christ super star is playing up in Montreal in April. Though I’m not too sure if it’s the Broadway tour or not. All I know is that it has got to be better then the lyric theater production that I saw. I also saw that rob zombie is playing up in Montreal, but I don’t think that john will go see him with me. What a pansy. Last night I got home, releized that I lived in filth because of my room mates, did the dishes, and took a nap. I then got up, read some comic books and then went to sleep for good. I was like, wow, now that’s a sad and pathetic lifestyle. And work sucks, especially this week is sucks. I just don’t want to be here. Even if I’m in a good mood when I first get into work by ten in the morning I’m in a crappy mood. I get home and I’m in no mood to do anything. Talk about bleh. Hmmm, what else. I wanted to have a party at my apartment this weekend, but I don’t think that anyone is going to show up so I now really don’t want to have a party at my apartment. My roommate on the other hand still wants the party. I’m not too sure on who he’s going to invite or when he’s going to have it, but I’m fairly certain that he’s going to be disappointed in the turn out. Oh well, sucks to be him. Hmmm, what else, not much I don’t think.
Saturday night was…. Hmmm, well, what I remember of it, it was fun. Sarah made me drink two thirds of a bottle of vodka in an hour and a half. We watched Finding Nemo and then RENT. I remember RENT up until “today for you” then most of the rest is just blur. I know that we finished it because I remember getting up and turning off my computer. Well, I think that it was finished at that point. Sarah says that it was playing for a while on the main menu. But yeah, anything in the middle I don’t know. Sarah also says that we went to bed after two in the morning. And maybe she did, but I don’t remember anything after 11. But it was a fun night. Monday I went over to johns house and we played ghost recon. Which I didn’t think that I would like all that much. But I did. The keys were very intuitive. Nice game all around. Go

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Thursday, March 16, 2006


so i updated at work today... and then forgot to bring it home... opps... oh well. leave something nice anyway?

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Thursday, March 2, 2006


I'm bored, and I know that all you out there get bored too at some point while sitting at your computers. SOO!O!!!O!!!MOOO!!!! comment here and let's see how many we can actually get up to. hey, it'll releive your boredom for three minutes, i'm just trying to help

Thursday, February 16, 2006


And out of the burning rubble crawls a small child. He can’t be older then eight years old. His hair tousled, his face grimy and his clothing torn. He has this look of bewilderment on his face as if he doesn’t know how he got where he is. The first shaky steps he takes bring him down the side of the rubble, and as he goes he passes a single flower sprouting out of the dust. On the small delicate petals stands a butterfly, stretching it’s wings in the early morning sun. as it bursts into flight the child’s face blossoms open with pure happiness as only a child’s innocence can produce. And in that desolate place, that ruined wasteland there was heard, for the first time in ages, laughter.

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